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Kristy Thirsk - Phoenix


Digital cover art for Kristy Thirsk - Phoenix. © Kristy Thirsk.
Photo by Vairdy Andrew Frail.

Kristy Thirsk - Bandage (Single)


Digital cover art for Kristy Thirsk - Bandage. © Kristy Thirsk.
Photo by Vairdy Andrew Frail.



Replicate02 - A Front Line Assembly Tribute album. © MOMT RECORDS. Online digital piece.

Canticles For Seraphim


Digital cover art for Shogo - Canticles For Seraphim.

FLA - Domination DVD

Click image to expand. FrontLineAssembly-Domination

Front Line Assembly Live DVD package art.



Digital artwork for Holon - Another Face in the Crowd.


Click image to expand. Threshers-Motorvated

Album artwork for The Threshers first album.
Photo by Heather Lorin.

Bliss of Life

Click image to expand. Auralgasms-BreathofLife

Album art for Bliss of life, 2nd Compilation from Auralgasms Music.
Photo by Joåo Estévåo.


Click image to expand. Replicate01

Replicate01 - A tribute to Front Line Assembly by © MOMT Records.

FLA - Total Terror

Click image to expand. FLA-TotalTerror

Original concept artwork for Cleopatra Records Re-release of
Front Line Assembly's Total Terror albums.